Meet the Staff

Our staff is composed of 12 highly qualified individuals with a vastly varying skill set, but united under a common goal: to prepare the students of Fellowship Christian Academy, by example, to live for God and be a shining light. As the staff is aware that God created each person uniquely, they continually strive to help each student develop individually through the many different opportunities available at Fellowship. The staff and administration is constantly monitoring the environment and mood of the academy to ensure that the best possible opportunity, both education and spiritual, is being achieved. Need to get in touch with a particular staff member? Email the school office and we will gladly put you in touch. Or you can click on any name and learn a little bit about them.

FCA Staff

Pastor Sutherland    

Rob Wiedell
HS Principal
Linda Sutherland Elementary Principal
Amy Wiedell Financial Manager
John Barta
ULC Teacher/Chaplain
Tracey Sink BLC Teacher
Terry McAvoy Childcare/Elementary Teacher
Rebekah Ottaway MLC Assistant
Sheila Sink BLC Assistant
Heidi Weymouth Coach/Support Staff