FBC Missionaries

 Fellowship Tract League  Lebanon, Ohio
 Spoken Word of God  Orlando, Florida
 Pat and Jody Russell  West Africa
 Dr. Wilson and Jackie Wahl  Ministry of Helps, NC
 Stan and Grace Shelton   
 Tony and Debbie Shelton  Austria
 Daniel and Sharon Pero  Republic of Ireland
 Anchorage Christian Camp  Lake Waccamaw, NC
 Sammy and Joan Popwell  Military Ministries to Japan
 The Wilds Christian Camps  Brevard, NC
 Tyler and Cathy Ryberg  Worldwide Military Baptist Missions
 Kent and Janet Robacker  Belarus
 Emmanuel and Bella Guangompo  Togo, West Africa
 Dave and Jennifer Willis  Spain
 Jon and Andrea Crocker  Mexico
 Aaron and Emily Thompson  Japan