FBC Leaders

Let us serve you.

At Fellowship Baptist, we believe that being in leadership means being a servant.  It is our privilege to bear the burdens - whether physical or spiritual - of all who come through our doors.  Regular church attendees will be placed in a "deacon group" where one of the deacons will take a personal interest in your family. He will be available for prayer reqests and questions.  When you're out sick for a while, someone notices and cares.  This way FBC maintains that "small church" feel.  When you're burdened, we're burdened.  No one feels lost in a crowd. Take a second to learn who we are.  We look forward to meeting you in person.

Pastor Rich Sutherland and wife, Linda

Deacon Rob Wiedell and wife, Amy

Deacon Craig Stephens and wife, Bev

Deacon Kyle Weymouth and wife, Heidi